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Looking for Summer Fun for Kids? Here’s 20 Incredible Tips!

Summer fun for kids

Summer fun for kids – it’s a priority for parents who will have lots of unscheduled time on their hands. 

You don’t want to be caught without a plan! There’s nothing worse than facing endless summer days with nothing to do.

I see a staggering number of families relying on electronic gadgets for entertainment because that’s the way the world is moving. Sure video games are entertaining, but if you’re looking to have some REAL fun…

Well, I’ve got some ideas! 

In every part of life, if the technology is available – there’s generally nothing wrong in using it. And the academic sector is no exception to this rule. However, over the last few years, a tendency of unhealthy over-dependence on technology has been detected in the behavior of kids and teens of the present generation. In this post, we will highlight some points that indicate the existence of such excessive tech-dependence.

12 Signs that Present Generation Kids are Becoming Overdependent on Technology 

Summer Fun for Kids Break Free From Technology

I humbly suggest that you add some activities to the calendar that have absolutely NOTHING to do with technology.

Actually, now that I wrote that – I wanted to mention a disturbing trend. Sadly it seems that FUN has taken a backseat. Our kids and we are OVER SCHEDULED.

Did you know being TOO busy could cause anxiety – even depression? Summer fun for kids is a requirement for healthy, happy relationships.

Summer fun for kids technology

More recently, however, attention has been paid to the overscheduling of extracurricular activities. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado and the University of Denver, found that children who spent more time in less structured activities had a more highly-developed, self-directed executive function area in the brain. This area of the brain controls planning, decision making, manipulating information, and switching between tasks – skills that are early indicators of school readiness and academic performance. The researchers surmised that when children are in control of how they spend their time, they are able to get more practice setting goals and figuring out what to do next. Another study found that exposing children to extracurricular activities too early can develop stress disorders in some children. 

FACTS FOR FAMILIES: How much is too much for kids? JG-TC.com

Technology is great but there are other things in life...

Spending time together is a way to build bonds that last a lifetime and to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of your family unit.

If you’re constantly running from team events to piano lessons, back home to do homework and then online to play video games some very basic things are overlooked.

Schedules like this leave very little time for TRUE connection.

I’m a HUGE advocate of family dinners, leisurely board games and fun in the sun. With that said, let’s take a look at my suggestions for Summer Fun for Kids right now!

Summer Fun for Kids TIPS!

Summer Fun for Kids Camping

Tip 1: Summer Fun for Kids, Go Camping!

If you're looking for healing, there is nothing better than spending time outside!

Also camping demands teamwork. Everyone has to work together to set up a campsite – get the food prepared and to clean up. Exposure to the elements forces you to take note that we are just a VERY small part of our world.

Spend some time with your kids hunting for tadpoles, frogs, and salamanders. Go fishing and fry it up on the campfire YOU and your kids made.

Sleep under the stars and tell some spooky stories...and just watch as your little one’s minds open up. It’s one of the best things you can do with your family.

Summer Fun for Kids Drive In Movie

Tip 2: Summer Fun for Kids, Go to a Drive-In Movie

Yep, it sure is old fashioned, but it is so much fun! Even if the audio isn’t the best! Prepare a picnic basket of snack foods and cuddle up with pillows and blankets on a warm night. This is something your kids won’t forget. It's one of my favorite memories. 

Activities for Kids

Tip 3: Summer Fun for Kids, Play Board Games

We play Scrabble all the time! Board games are fabulous for learning new skills, words and also fine-tuning good sportsmanship. We spend hours playing board games with the kids and these are some of our best memories.

Summer Fun for Kids Baking

Tip 4:  Summer Fun for Kids, Baking! 

I wish more people did this! Baking is a wonderful way to have some summer fun! Berries are prolific during the warm months – why not teach your children how to make a crumble? Cooking, ,baking, fermenting and preserving are wonderful life skills and it's good time spent with your little people. 

fun places for kids

Tip 5: Summer Fun for Kids, Bake Sale

Now that you have some homemade goodies – why not show your kids how to make some extra cash? They could set up a booth to sell their wares. This teaches entrepreneurialism, creativity, and responsibility! 

Summer Fun for Kids gardening

Tip 6: Summer Fun for Kids, Plant a Garden

This is a great thing to do in preparation for spring. Take your kids to a seed store and pick out some herbs, vegetables, and fruit that you can grow in your garden. This is such an exciting thing to do – it will teach your children how to tend living things – through care and diligence. They can also enjoy the bounty of their hard work when they eat their first homegrown strawberry!

summer fun for kids hiking

Tip 7: Summer Fun for Kids, Go Hiking

A similar experience to camping – without the commitment! Take your kids out to see local natural beauty. My children have been hiking since they were toddlers and it’s given them an unbridled love for nature.

Summer Fun for Kids Sight Seeing

Tip 8: Summer Fun for Kids, Take a "Staycation"

Can’t afford to go to St. Lucia this Summer? You and everyone else! So why not pretend you're on vacation and see some local treasures you take for granted. Live like a tourist in your own town for a week. It’s a wonderful way to see your area in a new light.

Summer fun for kids play

Tip 9: Summer Fun for Kids, Put on a Play

Gather some neighborhood children and put together an amateur production. A few lines, some cute handmade costumes and voila! Broadway watch out! You may be surprised just how creative your kids are! 

Summer fun for kids horses

Tip 10: Summer Fun for Kids, Ride Horses

What could be better! For obvious reasons, I'm partial to this suggestion. Horses offer so much and your children learn respect, responsibility, coordination and have FUN while they're doing it! I personally think EVERYONE should learn how to ride a hose.

summer fun for kids pool

Tip 11: Summer Fun for Kids, Spend the Day at the Pool or a Beach

Swimming! Well, this is one of the more obvious suggestions. Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Swimming is active, relaxing and gets you outside. Way too many of us don't get enough vitamin D! 

Summer fun for kids fort

Tip 12: Summer Fun for Kids, Make a Fort

Do you live near the woods? Teach your kids how to make a fort. A couple of sticks and branches can be turned into an imaginary castle. Why not have a picnic while you're at it! If you don't live near a forest you can always substitute pillow and blankets. They're almost as much fun 😉

Summer Fun for Kids Karaoke

Tip 13: Summer Fun for Kids, Buy a Karaoke Machine

Do your kids have dreams of singing – why not buy a karaoke machine and find out if they have some pipes? This is a wonderful thing to have year round. Ours still comes out every holiday.

Summer Fun for Kids Bike Riding

Tip 14: Summer Fun for Kids, Go Bike Riding

Yep, riding a bike is highly underestimated. Gear up and take your family on a sightseeing path.

You get some exercise AND spend some quality time with those you love.

Summer Fun for Kids Frisbee

Tip 15: Summer Fun for Kids, Play Frisbee

This circa 1977 sport never gets old.

Grab a Frisbee and run around the park with your kids. I guarantee they’ll love it!

Summer fun for kids yoga

Tip 16: Summer Fun for Kids, Practice Yoga

This is a wonderful practice for EVERYONE throughout the year.  It's super relaxing and will help keep your kids in a positive state of mind while they're home. Yoga also improves focus and self-awareness. I just can't say enough about this one 🙂

Summer Fun for Kids Story Telling

Tip 17: Summer Fun for Kids, Story Telling

Why not gather around at the end of the night and ask a member of the family to share a fictional story they’ve made up. It’s a creative and fun way to spend some quality time! 

Summer fun for kids sock puppets

Tip 18: Summer Fun for Kids, Make Sock Puppets

If you’re like me you have a huge stash of unmatched socks. Well, then what better way is there to spend a night with your family? With a little felt, construction paper, some pipe cleaners and a glue gun you can create a stable full of characters for a puppet show!

Summer Fun for Kids Kick the Can

Tip 19: Summer Fun for Kids, Play Kick the Can

Don’t have any sports gear? Worry not! If you have an empty paint can you can count to 20 – ask the kids to hide. Your job is to guard that can while attempting to tag people to take them out of the game. But beware! If someone comes behind you while you are after someone else and kicks the can – they WIN!

Summer Fun for Kids pinata

Tip 20: Summer Fun for Kids, Make a Piñata

Paper mache is a great thing! Take a large balloon – blow it up and then cover it with paper mache. Use your imagination to create a fantastic piñata – a little creativity goes a LONNNNNG way. Leave it overnight to harden, paint it - stuff with candy and go crazy.

As You Can See Summer Fun for Kids Is as Easy as 1,2,3!

It doesn’t take a lot of money to plan some summer fun for kids.

With a little creativity you can find new ways to have a blast and connect with your children. Finding new and enjoyable ways of spending time together is satisfying and helps you get to know your kids in ways that you might have previously thought were impossible.

Sometimes I think that technology complicates what used to be something VERY simple – family time.

At the end of the day, the only thing your kids really want is your time and presence and it doesn’t cost a dime.  

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