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Does My Child Have Empathic Abilities? Help Them Thrive & Survive in an Chaotic World!

Empathic Abilities HND

Does your child have empathic abilities? This is a question a lot of parents ask themselves when raising a little one with a sensitive nature.

To answer this question accurately, you must first determine what empathic abilities are. It’s one of those loosely understood terms, so I’m going to break it down for you.

Empaths experience the world through intuition. They absorb the physical and emotional states of other people. 

By nature, empaths are introverts and sometimes have difficulty figuring out how to handle overstimulation in a very chaotic world.

There are markers that go hand and hand with empathic abilities. Here are a few: 

11 Signs That Your Child has Empathic Abilities


Highly Intuitive

You child demonstrates an ability to understand circumstances or situations that are outside of their tangible experience. This is knowledge that falls outside of conscious reasoning. For example, your child meets a seemingly happy individual and is able to tap into a recent loss despite their facade. There would be no way for the child to have this information, other than their connection to the energy of the person in question. This is a strong indication that your child does indeed have empathic abilities.


Your Child is an Introvert

An introvert is someone who recharges when they’re alone as opposed to recharging when they are in the company of others. Unfortunately, there is some misunderstanding when it comes to introversion. This doesn’t necessarily mean your child is shy. Although that may be the case as well! It simply means that they need substantial time on their own to recover from interacting with the world. This is another clue that your child has empathic abilities.


Sensitive is a Word You Use to Describe Your Child 

People with empathic abilities are typically sensitive in nature. Is your child very connected to his or her environment? Are they impacted by other people’s physical and emotional condition? If you answer is yes, chances are your child may have empathic abilities.


Absorbs Energy Generated by His or Her Environment

If you suspect your child has empathic abilities you probably noticed that they are very “tuned in” to other people’s energy. Are they unable to separate themselves from the environment they are in? For example, let’s say your child goes into a room of people who are mourning. Would they be overwhelmed by the emotions? At times, life can be unbearable for people with empathic abilities, because they have little protection from the world. 


Highly Imaginative 

Kids with empathic abilities are usually VERY creative. They have incredible imaginations and can self-entertain. Does your child have a strong and creative interior world? If the answer is yes this is another signal that your child has empathic abilities.


A Low Tolerance for Injustice or Narcissism

Your child is likely to be in tuned to kindness and love. People who infringe on those feelings of peace and connection are not in synch with the nature of someone with empathic abilities.


A Great Listener

If you suspect your child has empathic abilities, it’s likely they’re a great listener. They are usually the type of person that is sought out for advice.

  1. Because they take time to listen, and
  2. They are in tune with emotions and often give very accurate and loving counsel.

Public Places Make Them Uncomfortable

Someone with empathic abilities may find all the input from public places to be overwhelming. This could lead to sensory overload. If your child has an aversion to busy environments, this may be another sign that they have empathic abilities.


The Great Outdoors Rejuvenates Them

Would you child rather take a hike than go to a party? Do they seem connected to the world around them and more comfortable in nature than in a mall? If so, this is another sign your child has empathic abilities.



 Is your child afraid of needles – can they pick up other people’s symptoms simply by hearing about them? This is another good indication that your child has empathic abilities.


Drawn to Healing Careers

Because of their nature, people with empathic abilities are drawn to helping and healing professions. They also connect with people who are underdogs because of their ability to tap into pain and sadness.

Obstacles for a Child with Empathic Abilities

As you can see, our busy world could easily overwhelm a child with empathic abilities.

Just watch the news for a few hours and take note of how incredibly hard it could be for someone with empathic abilities to disconnect from the negativity. The qualities I mention above are gifts, but they do come with a price.

One of the toughest challenges a child with empathic abilities has is to maintain their sense of inner peace and space.

I’ve found in my practice that some people with empathic abilities self-medicate.

This may seem like a good idea at the moment – but it can lead to a lifetime of addictive behaviour. So, if you have a child with empathic abilities you want to short circuit this before it gets out of hand.

Another tough issue that children with empathic abilities run into is codependent relationships.

Unfortunately, they are a target for emotional vampires. People who have difficulty generating their sense of self seek out people who are sensitive. 

When someone with little empathy connects with someone with an overabundance of it – it tends to create an unhealthy imbalance. For the most part, I advise those with empathic abilities to steer clear of this personality type if at all possible.

Tips to Help Your Child Survive in a Chaotic World

Well now that’s a question for the ages! As a parent, I realize how important it is to protect our children from pain. It’s equally important to teach them skills they can use on their own to learn to navigate the world.

Our job is to impart independence – not affirm dependence.

At holistic neurodevelopment, we give our clients these tools. I am going to share some of our core concepts with you now:

Empathic Abilities Creative

Cultivate Mindfulness

One of the most important things a child with empathic abilities can do for his or herself is to find a place of comfort. Mindfulness is the bedrock of mental health and meditation is one of the primary tolls we use to achieve this state.

but by no means is meditation the only way to achieve mindfulness. A walk in the woods can create the same feelings. Some of the techniques we use include reading, yoga, meditation and taking part in mindful hobbies such as knitting and painting.

Empathic Abilities love

Embrace Empathy

This is who your child is. It’s incredibly important that they not only embrace being an empath, but celebrate this special gift that makes them unique. Quite often I encounter parents who encourage their children to fly under the radar. 

This only makes a child feel more isolated. The day you accept your child exactly as they are will be the day they do the same.

Empathic Abilities Emotional

Identify Emotional Vampires and Disengage

Encourage your child to maintain positive relationships and ditch the ones that drain their energy.

Empathic abilities make it VERY easy to connect to needy people who give nothing back. If your child does this it will deplete them. Teach your child early on to have a strong sense of self. It will pay off in spades.

Empathic Abilities Boundaries

Learn to Set Boundaries 

Often empaths feel at the whim of the world.

Be sure to teach your child that they are powerful and in charge of their body, mind and soul.  If it doesn’t feel good then DON’T DO IT.

To sum it up, they don’t have to put other people’s needs before their own..

Empathic Abilities Triggers

Stay Away from Triggers:

There is no reason for a child who is empathic to spend a lot of time watching the news or reading about tragedies.

Make sure you set up time for relaxation and soothing outlets. 

It’s important for someone with empathic abilities to take themselves away from negative world events on a regular basis.

Empathic Ability Visualization

Use Visualization Techniques 

Teach your child to take charge of their energy!

A great way to do this is to help them imagine a suit of armour that protects them from negative energy. 

This will enable them to actively engage their mind to deflect situations that may drain them. 

As you can see there are some very productive steps a child with empathic abilities can take to protect themselves from a chaotic world.

At Holistic Neurodevelopment, we can help you chart a better path for your sensitive child. Call us today! 

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