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Dr. Lynn Fraley is a Clinical Mental Health Professional in the State of Washington, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Idaho and is certified by the National Board of Counselors. She has worked with child and adult survivors of all types of abuse, chemical dependency, divorce & blended family structures as well as more severe and long-term mental illnesses. Her primary areas of focus are cognitive rehabilitation, individual psychotherapy & paediatric developmental issues. She has also been designated as a certified expert, by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and holds a specialty board certification in Sexual Abuse by AAETS.
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Set Goals & Follow Through

Cognitive rehabilitation is a program that consists of guided therapy to learn or relearn ways to communicate and increase focus connected to task oriented activities. It’s a structured set of therapeutic exercises designed to improve an individual’s ability to think, use judgment and make decisions; instilling children and/or adults with cognitive skills they don’t have, due to deficits in executive function.


Self Control & Tolerance

Personal conduct is of the utmost importance when it comes to social and academic settings. This aspect of therapy is focused on self-control. We teach people how shift their lives into a positive direction to achieve long-term goals.

Comportment focused guided therapy concentrates on identifying and developing positive characteristics connected to personal conduct. We help children pinpoint their destructive behaviors and assist them with cultivating mannerisms that convey an air of self-confidence & pride.


Communication Skills & Perspective

We provide guided therapy that focuses on the communication skills needed to function and prosper within a community, through implementing these methods, children can connect effectively within their academic settings & family structures.


Self Respect, Integrity & Compassion

This area of therapy delves into the development of strong moral principles. Nurturing and growing character enables children to expand their capacity for trust, friendship and solid decision making. These qualities open the door to happiness and connection.

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